Collision Tech Conference 2019

I am excited to be attending Collison Conference as media covering the 2019 Collision Conference  and bringing you interviews & all the happenings from workshops and speakers at Collision for the first time, happening in Toronto! It’s 7x bigger then the 2018 US Event. How awesome to be in the company of some of the big names in the tech industry! Last week of May 20-24th . Checkout to get involved! .

As being in tech / content creation and enthusiast about startups i was excited to hear that largest tech conference is coming is coming to Toronto that normally takes place in the states actually this will be the first time actually that this conference will be held in Canada and actually it is projected to be bigger then there previous editions and bigger then there parent conference Web summit this will definitely do the one to attend anyone who is is anyone will be be here from celebs to ceo of Medium Evan Williams to Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Seth Roden and others

Just announced for opening night at #CollisionConf featuring Justin Trudeau,Seth Rogen and John Tory to name but a few 😱

Its runs for 4 days May 20-24 (Talks start on May 21st)
4 different Tracks each day and difference conferences of collision I have create list of talks & speakers you should definitely attend and hear them speak and other respective topics
so check out that post here! (Collision Speaker / Talk List)

Also there is 4 nights of networking (Night Summit). Every night during Collision, our attendees will take over a new neighborhood in Toronto. From street parties to more intimate networking events, Night Summit has something for everyone people attending from speakers, investors, startups and attendees will discover Toronto and make invaluable connections along the way. Networking takes a new slant at Night Summit. So we hope to see you out there

But to start Collision Monday May20th there is 4 bar pub crawl called pub summit rsvp attend here

So definitely this will not be an event you won’t want to miss this will take over Toronto as it is the largest tech conference in North America and will be be 7x Bigger then last years US edition and first time in Canada visit for all the details. View the 2019 Trailer