CloudFest 2012 – Sales Force Conference

Lately I was asked to attend a conference announcing Cloudforce salesforce cloud based solution & addition to there main product to makes sales force more social & to interact and engage there clients & there clients be more social with there customers & be accessible anywhere Hence why they called it the new social enterprise cause it ties in all the social networks of a customer & now with the power of connecting to that data anywhere granted I got there late to the exhibition cne grounds late but caught enough of the morning keynote & presentation to get a full picture of there product

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After keynote headed up stairs for lunch & brief media cloudforce panel discussion with the CEO, vp of sales & clients of sales force was fun & informative panel

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Then after the panel I went downstairs & checked out the cloudzone
It was basically there tradeshow room showcasing all there clients & partners that build software & products on top of the sales/cloud force API /product to enhance & extend salesforce as a product

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My favorites were the social aspects such as Chatter. & social profile & others

All & all was a good day had fun and learn cool knowledge of sales & clould for e Check them out 🙂 they might work for you