How are the Hockey Hall of Fame & Office 2010 Business Launch Event connected.

Well Microsoft Canada & High Road Commucations invited me to the Business Launch on the morning of
May 12th to answer that question

So really what does the Edmonton Oilers & Hockey Hall of Fame have to do with the Launch of the Office 2010 Business edition. Well Office 2010 is revolutionizing the scouting process for the Edmonton Oilers, providing a streamlined platform to help track and rank draft picks
and enabling scouts to collaborate from anywhere at any time. Antoine Leblond, Sr. Vice President, Office Productivity Applications Group, Microsoft Corp. will also be on hand to discuss the design and development of Office 2010 and what it means to Canadian businesses.

In attentence 4 this great event were.

  • Antoine Leblond, Sr. Vice President, Office Productivity Applications Group, Microsoft Corp
  • Jason Brommet, Sr. Product Manager MS Office, Microsoft Canada
  • Alfred Ng, Director of IT, Edmonton Oilers Hockey Club
  • Sean Draper, director of research, analysts and software development, Edmonton Oilers, Edmonton Oilers Hockey Club
  • Rick Martin, Regional Director, Alberta, Habanero Consulting Group
  • Marshell Horner, Partner and General Manger, Jacox Harley Davidson

The Business Launch Event was more really about features what we can dazzle you with like a consumer launch event. It was more about Business Case Studies on how businesses like the Edmonton Oilers and Harley Davidson use the Office Tools & products to be more effective and effient  in there day to day tasks the Oilers are doing while Sharepoint 2010 it allows them to track research and collborate & find out info easier and quicker then a new player and recruit. Through there Scout Portal.

But after presentation & round table discussion there was great Q&A from the audience there was a demo pods setup at the back of the room for intrested parties to demo and check out New Features of Excel & Sharepoint of what was just previously discussed.

All & All it was great morning & we came away with some great information of how the companies are using the product & some great Office 2010 Swag 🙂