How Twitter Got Started I bet you don’t know.

I just realized while watching pirates of silicon valley a movie every one should watch amazing education about how the whole computer industry was started. Then that lead me to remember this video I saw on the TED YouTube channel and a talk that Evan Williams did about how  TWITTER was started & created and how it has really evolved and changing do to customer use and you made what Twitter is today actually. It is amazing how we created the whole Language of Twitter that we use a on daily basis. Such as the word Tweet, Tweets, Twittervile, My Tweepls. The word I am going to tweet that has become just like let me google that.

Twitter itself never came up with any of this they recently changed the word updates to tweets cause thats what we were using. All the changes and updates you see they are from User generated requests and usage. Even how we commicate with @JonGauthier and the was usercreated along with the # sign and term called hashtag Twitter just supplied the API – Interface and communication system we provided everything else.

So enjoy the enclosed video how Twitter really started  it is very cool video of Evan Williams talking.