Microsoft XBox One Launch Grabs Attention around Canada


xbox_one_3So microsoft had a little party awhile back to celebrate & showcase there new some what famous gaming console but this one was different it harness the powerofone in little console i think you know of called Xbox One!

It showcased the sleek look & feel of it with a new epic rumble controller

People seemed to really love the real life feel racing game of Forcha5 that & the amazing food that was served seemed to be the key themes of the night

Other titles announced were
NHL 14, Killer Instinct, and of course the real life racing game Forza 5

Launch Day is Nov 21st 2013 and as of November 18th is a huge xboxone  sitting in the middle of Dundas Square in Toronto to celebrate the XBox One Launch

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Vancouver had The Dead Rising 3 zombies that came out of that giant Xbox One for #XboxOneSource launch


Montreal had a Forza Motorsport 5 experience for #XboxOneSource


So now its Toronto’s Turn For the #XboxOneSource XBoxOne Unlocking event what do you think is inside!
Help unlock the XBox by adding your gamertag for prizes –