Rachel Sin Runway During FashionWeek – #WMCFW

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During Fashion Week i have a passing interest in attending a runway show & Rachel Sin looked interesting and was lucky enough to get passes to her show. Usually runway shows are 10-15 mins but was pleasantly surprised that it turned out to be 30 mins

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she presented 2 whole collections 7-8 pieces per collection first was her work/office pieces called #RSWork below which were great functional attractive outfits|
Then she brought out her more fun bubbly after work ensembles #RSPlay bright colors & causal wear

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I really enjoyed it i only get to experience one or 2 shows each year this review / event totally from a fashion outsider but i enjoyed & had That night thanks to Valerie of @CharmingMedia for letting me experience it

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Fashion Designer Rachel Sin on the Right so be sure to check out her website http://www.rachelsin.com/
to get & take home her latest fashions & Her FaceBook for her collections as well