Samsung curved tv

The Samsung UDHD Curved TV Release press event was held in the most apre po venue The AGO its amazing curved architecture meets the latest in curved TV TechnologyWhich is the Samsung U9000 & H8000 Ultra High Definition 4K Curved TV

Having them being displayed in a curved room was a nice touch

I got talking with a samsung rep about differences of a flat panel over the curved tv on how the concaved shape makes you think the tv is bigger really its the curved corners that really bring you to have a more initmate immersive experience then a standard flat planel you can’t be sold on this you have to experience it and say i want this

It was also cool to speak with the dr that is his field working with people & curved architecture & objects and how people react and choose to like
People are more drawn to round curved objects and people get sense of comfort & getting immersive & initmate experience while watching a show on a curved too as apposed to flat panel