The Rebranding & Exciting Times of Microsoft

So today Microsoft in there Infinite wisdom decided to announce there Re-branded Corporate logo today after 25 years of the same look

Your thoughts? on the logo, But with a new fresh looking logo comes with a new outlook and change of corporate outlook and mindset too last part of 2012 & into 2013 will be the biggest change & product launches in Microsoft’s history as they look to the future with the new rebranded and refreshed mindset and outlook for the company  but more on that later.

The new logo is more More boxy as you can tell similar to there Windows OS Product logos & talking about Microsoft Future lets look back the existing Logos that came before

Which Microsoft logo is your favorite?
1: 1975-1979

2: 1980-1981

3: 1982-1986

4: 1987-2012

5: The newest

So this change isn’t coming at any old time for Microsoft. The company has a serious spate of major product releases coming up this fall, including Windows 8, Windows Phone 8, and the Surface tablet — “one of the most significant waves of product launches in Microsoft’s history,” as i said before with Windows 8 being Release to Manufacturing  makes an aggressive, forward-thinking, and bold statement for the future of PCs with Windows 8, and vast security and speed improvements more than justify the $40 upgrade price.

Windows Phone 8, & Windows Surface Tablet & Windows 8 all running the simlar OS where ever your running it where it be Mobile, Tablet or Desktop it will all be seamless devices working together & also the lunch or there New Office suite & rebranding of Hotmail into By far this will be the biggest launch and push to future to standize all there products under one banner & look and feel. I look forward to seeing and experiencing the new look & feel and new corporate mindset and fresh out look for 2013 & beyond

Below is there new promo video they have released to the public announcing there new logos and products comming soon Enjoy .