Steve dubs thee Apple Tablet “iPad”

So finally the day has arrived the announcement of the most hyped up latest Apple creation
So at 1PM eastern  we were all rejoying with out eyes glued to the Endgadget Live Blogging Feed bringing us the images of the event happening at Apple HQ

After some intro & memories flashbacks of Apples past we were presented with the name of this magic creation.

Pretty much everyone i knew & all my twitter peeps were like Huh?? Why such a bad bad name
joking about femine products were top trending on twitter all day lol.

Then is get better as that middle graphic got replaced with what people call an oversized iPod Touch ..

Here is what the New York Times looks like on the iPad

The new email application now with new improved DROP DOWN Menu’s

The new fancy exiciting calender & contacts functionality

For the specs of this bad boy tablet. I think it will have some good uses but it is really just an oversized iPod Touch actually you can get a keyboard to attach to it so we will see hope it does

As you see below it has a NEW battery of 10 hours & Month long standby when I the Locked mode. Also It has incorporated iPhoto instead of the normal iPhone photogallery

The real reason people will want to use the iPad Tablet is for all there Ebook reading & movie watching needs. So here is how the NEW iBooks looks like & full screen movies.

Below is the afore mentioned Keyboard & Dock attachment you can have while being in a coffee shop or at home. Combine that with wifi & 3G you got a pretty powerful machine to semi replace your laptop so give it shot when it comes out in April/ March.

So there is my review of the iPad Launch so hope it was informative and intresting for you
leave me a comment or question below thanks alot