Compiled list of rumored iTablet/iSlate Designs & iPhone 4G

So Tomorrow January 27th is the big day that Mr. Apple Man his self Steve Jobs finally releases the Long Long awaited iTablet/iSlate. So tomorrow morning 10am watch this space or Endgadets blog
for live up to min news that will be disclosed to the world to see. Also rumored to be announced tomorrow will be iPhone 4.0 OS Update & Possible update or release date of the new iPhone 4G phone that everyone is looking forward too as well.

An OLED display, 5-megapixel camera and a release date between May and July appear to be the most likely rumors (and we agree that those all sound like very distinct possibilities). Also ranking high are rumors of a front-facing camera, dual-core processor with more RAM and a touch-sensitive case.

So below is just a collection of rumored images of what the famous tablet will look like tomorrow but recent reports indicate it will be the size of 2 iPhones high & apple-macintosh-tablet-22 iPhones wide. So enjoy below photos