Exclusive Corvette C7 Stingray Canadian Reveal Event

It was cool to an invite & an opportunity to attend an exclusive unveiling of the new 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray.
Invite picture —

The event brought together a vast array of car enthusiasts from the car bloggers to print & traditional media to the social media tweeting personnel

There was a former Le Mans driver in attendance signing posters top

The Stingray Launch was held in the rustic venue that is the Fermenting Cellar in the Distillery District on February 13 picture of lanyard & front entrance
i have liked this venue when walked in there was a 63 corvette stingray to the right
a bar to left there was parts of the 2014 corvette sting ray on display — pictures of chasis & wheels breaks

The Corvette revel area hehe 🙂 for later on

There Stingray inspired drinks that were passed around 3 different kinds C7, StingRay & didnt get the name of the 3rd pictures of drinks

The foods stations where pretty awesome as well pountine station & variety of other foods & amazing deserts as well & open bar as well ha!
Picture of food

The reason we were there the launch if the 2014 Corvette StingRay
Pictures & Vine video

The new C7 (new body name) definitely possess all the trimmings for a modern day super car. It’s sharp lines, aggressive styling, not to mention that the car is lighter and stiffer than it’s predecessor makes it an engineering marvel and definitely one to look out for. With a new 6.2L V8 with direct injection and variable value timing, the C7 puts out an impressive 450HP and 450 Lbs of Torque leading to 0-60 times in the 4 second range.
The C7′s interior also have benefited from the redesign by having a cabin which is welcoming and engaging. The gauge cluster is a combination of traditional analog gauges and a digital screen which changes depending on which of the four driving modes you have the car in (normal, Eco, sport and track)
It will be interesting to see the performance when it’s put up against it’s rivals

Overall a really well put together event
i fortunate to bring a corvette stingray lover as my date she told me all about it the history & info about them thanks for coming Jane!

We got a cool take away gifts as well
a bag of skittles & ticket to the autoshow & cool lanyard as well

Enjoy the below gallery of the event 🙂
Thanks again Chevrolet & shawn for the invite

It should be out & on the roads by Summer 2013 right now there is only 3 in existence actually ha!

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