My FFWD Toronto Advertising Week Experience 2015


Each year near the End of January i am always excited to attend Toronto’s Adverting & marketing week its great for networking the parties but mostly the great insights & knowledge of where the marketing industry is headed & how they use the new platforms & tech of the times

its interesting to see how each age demo reacts to things & stats behind peoples choices
If you put 2 ads worded differently & measure reactions & what makes people buy & finish there transactions so quite interesting in human behaviour & buying patterns
I mostly did half days either morning breakfest & a session or afternoon & went to sessions that spoke to me the most Like how Yahoo is using tumblr & capturing live sporting events & reactions
IMG_1290The opening breakfast with Kevin Newman talking about how the shooting on parliament hill was covered using smartphones & mobile media & compared to todays news coverage to how the millienuals use it to discussing disruption! in the News World & the changing landscape in reporting the news view tweet
KevinNewman  introduced his son @lex_newman to continue the #disruption from the #Millennials view #FFWD2015 view tweet
Twitter & TV how people live tweet there shows
The top 10 most influential brands talk was really interesting its not who you would think!
And other sessions

Session Content Marketing making your content more appealing & useful

Of course the big party at the end of it AdBall is always a fun time bands dueling cellos & fashionshow this year & i won the big prize of a weekend stay & dinner at luckee
All & all its a great week of learning & meeting great people thanks for putting this on IDA 🙂