Keep Warm with Janet Han in The Wild North – Startup Fashion Week

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The snow has come so time to get excited about new winter outerwear Especially when you discover the garment has been manufactured in Canada, (Oakville, Ontario to be specific), made from the finest, high-quality materials, and hands down looks really, really good. Also Christmas is just around the corner fyi shoppers

I always enjoyed fashion & supporting peoples startups then came across this event called start up fashion week & i had met Janet before at a tech entrepreneur event then a month or so later i saw her logo on the poster & event page So i signed up to attend mostly to support but also have a passing interest in fashion & enjoy seeing runways

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I also loved her brand cause “The Wild North” as i am from northern ontario & love what the north is also i have experienced the winters there & here as well

Janet Han designs these Winter Coats for men/woman and look amazing they are seriously warm so you can stay fashionable in winter & yet keep toasty warm as they tight fit & conform to your body they are much more fashionable & just as warm or more so & cheaper then canada goose i would say

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Designer Janet Han on the left with a Model on Runway

The Wild North fashion lines are made from the finest material, wild fur, quality fabric, and high-fill-power goose and duck down. Classic color palette, quilted details, and removable pieces make them a Canadian winter favorite. Founded by a group of winter outdoor enthusiasts and experts in apparel design and manufacture, Wild North Apparel offers outerwear and accessory with a luxurious and modern edge.

Made from sustainable materials sourced in Canada, the Wild North is founded on strong values, protecting our environment and supporting local communities!

So check out there beautiful designed site & online store to get your self a jacket or perfect for a christmas gift and your helping a startup grow and flourish

Also find them on Facebook & Twitter

Contact them if you have any questions