My Toronto Film Festival 2014 Experience

TIFF-2014Each year TIFF (Toronto Film Festival) is one of my favorite times of the year i always by my 10 ticket package early in July cause i am a TIFF Member & get early access and then you wait till end of August to finalize your selections this process has gotten alot my streamlined & better with each year.

Then usually sept 2 or 3 Single Tix Day for General Public Hits & the lines up galore outside thankfully its the one time being armed with my TIFF Membership i skip the whole outside & inside ticket madness & take the escalator downstairs of metro hall where i find the No Line Members BoxOffice & Lounge to pick up & buy extra film tickets I usually average 12-14 films during TIFF my planning is mostly 1 sometimes 2 during the week & 2-3 each day during the weekend Pic of tixs So i am all set before the festival has started!

I am film choices are usually made up from the special presentations , Contemporary World Cinema, Maybe some Discover, Vanguard, Midnight Madness But i mostly go for Hong Kong , Chinese Foreign Films or if the title & short bio i see catches my interest & some mainstream films from special presentation or gala Then once i get TIFF Film Tickets Secured i work on the flip side of TIFF Everyone knows there is 2 sides to the film festival the Party side & Film side I wouldn’t be a festival without partying a little right! But i do remember when it was just films but thanks to social media & twitter i have been able to enjoy a little drink & food through out the week typically the first week/weekend of TIFF is the party weekend pretty much everything happens from Thursday-Monday for film screening after parties, sponsor tiff parties & then Gifting lounges also companies just throwing events cause TIFF & the Celebrities are in town Toronto becomes Hollywood North for those days!

The past 2 years i have learned not to book/schedule my films on Saturday Because i usually hit 2 different TIFF Gift lounges The RealTV Film & Out there with Melissa Dimarco then relax have dinner then head over to

Nikki Beach (Spoke Club) Saturday TiFF Party
Then sunday i always do TIFF NikkiBeach Sunday brunch & fashion show Then once TIFF weekend is over its time to get down to film watching 1-2 films each day of the week So as you can tell i really love & take my TIFFing seriously each year Hope you enjoyed learning about my TIFF experiences Can’t wait to do it all again next year
Nikki Beach Saturday Nikki Beach Sunday