Number #1 Feature of Twitter You Don’t know is there

I am always seeing people’s tweet about oh I wish there was an undo button or delete my misspelled tweet. So I felt I had to dispell this feature and inform people

that this feature does exist and below I walk you through the way on how to delete your tweets with Tweet Deck and

Note: When deleting tweets they are deleted from your public timeline on your twitter page people can’t see your errors but if they really want to find them.

They still show up in Twitter Search as it is cached but the tweet is deleted. So read below on how to use this feature.

So when your on and you move your mouse over the tweet you want to delete or view it highlights it and 2 icons show up the Star – To Favoriate a Tweet &

the Trash can when you click the trash it will tell you do you want to delete this tweet then after it will be deleted so there is your undo feature


Same procedure as before but with using Tweet Deck  when you move over the persons face. You get a picture of a wheel called other actions when you click that you

will give that picture below. Then just click delete and again you will get a message asking to confirm to delete of the tweet then it will be gone. But might stay untill you

reload tweetdeck and refreshes your listing.  So I hope you enjoyed this quick tutorial of the delete feature of twitter.