New Twitter Home Page – Now Taking on Google?? Love it or Hate it ?

Check out this website I found at

A few days ago i received a few tweets about twitter was thinking about changing there home page to represent a more user friendly and informative way to explain what twitter is. So tonight i was out and about and saw new tweets announcing the launch and that twitter actually made the change live.
As you can see from above so what is your impression of the new
So please comment below and tell me your thoughts. My first thoughts were awww man lol i just made a whole bunch of videos about twitter and usages now i gotta change them hehe to reflect the change now.
But i think it is a cool new design and reflects more of what it is. But if you notice they put there Twitter Search function front and center — This there way of saying were here google look out for us.

Don’t forget to comment see ya

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