Kampai Festival of Sake Launch-

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Save the Date May 28th will be the 4rd Annual Festival of Sake Kampai Toronto put on by The Sake at the Fermenting Cellar in the distillery district put on by The Sake Institute of Ontario for an all inclusive ticket price you get to sample over 120+ different sakes to try & several types of different foods Japanese, Mexican, Seafood & others 15 separate resto popups the full list below

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For more info go to kampaitoronto.com or Get Your Tickets Here Its 70 bucks until May 22nd then 80 bucks after

I enjoy this time of year spring/summer starting and i get to bring awareness to one of my favourite beverages SAKE and recently was at the media launch for kampai toronto at the Japan Foundation we were treated to

9 Sake Vendors & 12 sakes in total were sampled including 2 sparkling sakes the sparkling sake was first developed as a substitute for champagne

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To accompany the sake was sushi from JaBistro was served including pressed cured mackerel, blow torched tiger shrimp and salmon

I did have some favorite sakes Dreamy Cloud from Metropolitan Wines, Okunomatsu Junmai Dai-Ginjo Sparkling & Ryozeki Tokubetsu Junmai Yamahai from Sakagura Canada inc

During the Media Event the winners of there first annual Sake Challenge (winners below) Cause The Sake Institute of Ontario was excited for there upcoming Annual Kampai Festival of Sake Event they wanted to hold a first Sake Tasting Competition in Canada hence the Sake Challenge was born

The 6 types of sake that were in the challenge Honjozo,Junmai,Ginjo, Dai-Ginjo Sparking & Nigori The Winners of the Sake Challenge (bottom of this post)


There was 6 Judges & over 120+ sakes were tested & Before each category winner was announced, the judge explained the sake category in detail, what they were looking for and what made the winning sake shine. It was great hear each judge speak about the sake they were giving the award to & talked at length about each one


After hearing them you do gain alot of knowledge about each variety & want makes each type different & brewing process for each type

It was great we got sample the 6 winning Sakes from the competition and you can as well at Kampai Toronto So the SIO hopes having the excitement of this competition with help & educate you more on the names & types of sake.

So come to Kampai Toronto & try these sakes let me know which is your favorite & also experience the other 120+ Sakes

For more info go to kampaitoronto.com or Get Your Tickets Here Its 70 bucks until May 22nd then 80 bucks after

Kampai Toronto Resto partners

Bentresturant.com Blowfishresturant.com Coolcityoyster.com
DonDonIzakaya.com Edosushi.com Ginkojapaneseresturant.ca
GuuIzakaya.com HapaIzakaya.com KiJapanese.com
KigyoToronto.com NomaIzakaya.com RyojiRamenIzakaya.com

The Winners of the First Toronto International Sake Challenge by the Sake Institute of Ontario

449Honjozo category: Takatenjin ‘Sword of the Sun’ Tokubetsu Honjozo
Agent: Metropolitan Wines & Sake –  @MetroWineSake – Vivian Hatherall
Availability  LCBO Private Ordering # 767145; 720ml (Case of 6 btls);
Rice: Yamada Nishiki & Haenuki
Tasting Note: Bright aromas and flavours abound in this Tokubetsu polished to Ginjo-minimum levels. Melon, pear, and banana drive the aromas and combine with a subtle
sweet touch highlighted by a subdued acidity in the butter-tinged flavour. Clean, dry & rich, this easy-drinking sake offers great depth & versatility.




Junmai category: Ryozeki Tokubetsu Junmai Yamahai
Agent: Sakagura Canada inc – Stephan Sung Choi @SungStephenChoi
Availability  LCBO Private Ordering #211341; 720ml (Case of 6 btls);
Seimaibuai:  60% (Rice Polish rate of 40%)
Rice:  Miyama-Nishiki
Tasting Note: This clear tart Yamahai is a gamier and wilder with typical Yamahai’s high acidity, but still elegant and smooth. Rich and well balanced. Hint of herb. Best served slight chilled or at room temperature.




Ginjo category: Taiheizan Chogetsu ‘Clear Moon’ Junmai Ginjo
Agent: Kimura Enterprise – Erin Kimura
Availability  LCBO Private Ordering #702026, 720ml (Case of 6 btls),
Seimaibuai:  45% (Rice Polish rate of 55%)
Rice:  Akita Sake Komachi
Tasting Note: Also know as ‘Clear Moon’, Chogetsu has an aroma consisting of pineapple and tropical fruits and flowers. It has a light yet flavourful quality to it that produces a refreshingly elegant and rich taste.



Dai-Ginjo category: Okunomatsu Sakura Dai-Ginjo
Agent Kado Enterprises @kiyokomiyashita – Massey Miysasita
Availability LCBO Private Ordering #757947 720ml (Case of 6 btls)
Seimaibuai:  50% (Rice Polish rate of 50%)
Rice:  Gohyakumangoku
Tasting Note: Clear. Aromas of vanilla nut brittle, coconut water, and papaya custard with a silky, dry-yet-fruity light-to-medium body and a pineapple sorbet, meringue, and salted radish accented finish. A soft, alluring sake with a nice balance of fruit.



Sparkling category: Okunomatsu Junmai Dai-Ginjo Sparkling
Agent: Kado Enterprises @kiyokomiyashita
Availability/Price:  LCBO Vintages #228973; 290ml; $16.95 Seimaibuai:  50% (Rice Polish rate of 50%)
Rice:  Gohyakumangoku
Tasting Note: Refreshing fine bubbles with hints of sweetness. Elegant Junmai Daiginjo Sparkling is surrounded by a dancing, champagne-like liveliness from the gentle carbonation. Light nose of melon, honey and cotton candy, round rice flavor. Dom Perignon of Sake!

451Nigori category: Rihaku ‘DreamyClouds’ Tokubetsu Junmai Nigori
Agent: Metropolitan Wines & Sake –  @MetroWineSake Vivian Hatherall
Seimaibuai: 58% (Rice Polish rate of 42%)
Rice: Gohyakumangoku
Tasting Note: This is a partially cloudy sake (aka ‘usu nigori’). Bright & lean in the mouth, unlike many nigoris, and the impact is soft with sweet rice flavours intermingling with nuttiness & slight fruitiness