Oysterfest 2015 It’s a Shucking Good Time! Be there

oysterfestDo you like or even love oysters well you’re in luck cause the The 27th Anniversary of the Ontario Oyster Festival is happening! July 19th in the alley beside Rodney’s Oyster House get your tickets hereseize the day CarpeShuck’em

I have gone this event for the past 2 years i absolutely love it. This year will be special though The theme this year is Roman as in Seize the Day Carpe Shuck’em  We expect togas. There will be two oyster shucking competitions, a live auction , ‘Chariot’ races, ‘Javelin’, and of course live music to dance us into the dark once the shucking contest is done.

Watch live bands with We are going to have Piece o’ the Rock, Ride the Riger and DJ Soucial performing  and Ontario’s best oyster shuckers in action and celebrate oyster culture with the Shucking Competition, Lobster Boil there will be 9 breweries, 2 wineries and of course the Caesar Station all bring something to pour it will be a great time & so much fun there Of course it wouldn’t be complete with out oyster fest t-shirts

Past years OysterFest Happenings below

Events that be happening at OysterFest are as follows Oyster Shucking Competition: New this year, 20 enthusiastic amateurs will shuck-off in the “Chef’s Cup” for a chance to compete at the pro-level. The “Invitational” sees 25 of the country’s top shuckers compete to represent Ontario at the Canadian championships in PEI. Winner from the Canadian championship competes in the World Oyster Shucking Competition in Ireland. OysterShucking Competition  

Oyster Eating Contest: Beat the 8 time reigning champion in a hands-free oyster eating contest that’s not for the faint of heart…or stomach!

There will be: Oysters, Caesar-dressed Corn (Nero’s Knob), raw Clams, Coliseum Ragu, Matane Shrimp Gazpacho, and whole Lobster.
All food tickets will be sold for $5.00, except for the lobster – that one is $20. Because it’s a whole lobster.

Advance Tix – $34  per person Entry to the Ontario Oyster Festival, two drink tickets , and one plate of oysters, OR a bowl of Coliseum Ragu or Mantane Shrimp Gazpacho  tickets are available for purchase before the event at here @ this eventbright link or at the gate for $40 per person.

All funds raised support Environmental Defence, Canada’s most effective environmental action charity. So you’re enjoying oysters ,seafood & entertainment all for a good cause

Will see you there

Sunday, July 19, 2015;
GATES open at 2PM
Alley beside Rodney’s Oyster House at 469 King Street West, Toronto
Tixs @ EventBright or at the door