Savor Stratford for its Theatre & Food July 19-20th

StratfordPosterSo I’ve always loved Stratford upcoming Savor Stratford festival July 19 and 20th showcases the best in food, drink & Entertainment they have to offer i also like to point out you can also take in a theater play as well Stratford is also know for there Theatre Festival as well

So while your there why not do both its such a small quaint town i usually have only gone there for the theatre So here is another reason to head to stratford for that weekend if you wanna get of toronto & try some local food & wine

The Savour Stratford Perth County is an event that celebrates and showcases Perth County’s
culinary community – farmers, artists, restaurants and chefs (and let’s not forget
consumers) – This year we are proud to recognize renowned chefs from Canada’s culinary
community as we celebrate food ‘From Coast to Coast to Coast’ personifying the unique
culinary regions of Canada.

It will be $5 per chef presentation or $30 per weekend pass Tickets @

Stratford Chefs School, now celebrating its 30th season, is recognized as one of the
foremost cooking schools in the industry. As chefs from the talented pool of Chefs
School graduates choose to remain in Stratford, you know there is some amazing food
being served up year-round at our myriad of eateries. And with our consistently
impressive tourism numbers coupled with a solid base of local residents with an
appreciation for good food, Stratford has a disproportionately large number of
restaurants per capita.

The Tutored Talks & Tastings with Celebrated Chefs! along with Two days of free open-air live band entertainment that features talent comprised of performing artists from Perth County, as well as Juno nominated acts at the Bandshell nestled along the banks of the Avon River.

This year’s line-up features a variety of great Canadian talent from a sultry blend of Motown funk and R and B with Soul Exception to the jazz guitarist Joshua Gropp and the Juno nominated Trent Severn and
Alysha Brilla Quartet.” Savour Stratford will cater to every musical palate.

Savour Stratford Welcomes Award-Winning Chefs From Seven Canadian Regions

Toronto Star Culinary Stage hosts two days of cooking demonstrations led by
celebrated Canadian chefs. This year’s festival theme, Coast to Coast to Coast,
brings chefs from across the country to share their regional culinary character here
in Stratford. $5 per chef presentation or $30 per weekend pass Tickets @

Newfoundland: Todd Perrin Unconventional Cod
Newfoundland native and sustainable food
activist Todd will demonstrate how to make doudin blanc featuring the freshest Newfoundland cod
accompanied by local produce
Quebec: Derek Dammann
maintains a whole animal philosophy and takes pride in serving sustainably grown
and harvested products preserving our culinary heritage and Jamie Oliver’s Canadian business partner
Ontario: Carl Heinrich, of the critically acclaimed Richmond Station,
returns to Savour Stratford joined by butcher Ryan Donovan
demonstrating the rural tradition of ‘delicious thrift’ and the benefits of nose-to-tail cooking featuring
heritage pork from Perth Pork Products
@ChefHeinrich & @ryanpdonovan
Ontario: Doug McNish – Restaurant Style Vegan Chef and Doug will demonstrate how to incorporate
mouthwatering organic vegan and gluten free
cuisine into a traditional restaurant style
British Columbia: James Walt Treasures of the Pacific
will showcase Pacific Ocean treasures. Learn how
to prepare sustainable West Coast seafood;
wild salmon, spot prawns, geoduck, oysters
and sea urchin.
Alberta: Paul Rogalski Influenced by homegrown
ingredients and a modern twist on
french cuisine
Paul will demonstrate how simple it is to prepare the
classic soufflé using Alberta’s award winning
Sylvan Star Gouda and Perth County
vegetables. @ChefRogalski!
Saskatchewan: Dale MacKay Classically
trained by Gordon Ramsay and owner of new
Saskatoon restaurant, Ayden Kitchen and
Bar,This Top Chef Canada winner will
Demonstrating his strong technical skills with
locally sourced walleye lake fish, vegetables
and oils, @chefdalemackay!
Northern Canada: Top Chef Canada
competitor Rich Francis demonstrates
modern Aboriginal cuisine by using
sustainably sourced ingredients from the
Canadian landscape.

The Tutored Talks & Workshops happening @ Savor Stratford 

Olive Oil 101
Not all oils are created equal, says
Michelle Hern. Owner of Olive Your Favourites, a
quality extra virgin olive oil specialty shop will
discuss selecting, cooking, and the health benefits
of fresh ultra premium extra virgin olive oil. Olive oil
tasting bars are a growing trend among
cultured foodies and Michelle is an expert!
Come and taste the difference on local greens.
Wild Edibles Sustainable forager,
Peter Blush of Puck’s Plenty shares in the art
of identifying wild edibles in Perth County.
From fiddleheads to morel mushrooms
Peter is a expert on all flora and fungi
indigenous to Perth County. Enjoy his bounty
and discover the delectable tastes of
nettle soup, wild leek pesto and wild ginger.
Twitter:@Puck’s Plenty
Bees, Mead & Cheese
Join Rosewood Estate
Winery’s Social Bee, Krystina Roman,
as she takes you back in time when honey wine
and mead, human’s first alcoholic beverage, was produced.
Learn about a year in the life of a bee, bee keeping
and unique historical and contemporary facts.
Then savour a perfect pairing of cheese and mead.
Twitter:@Rosewoodwine !!!!!!!!
Preserving Fish Chef, Todd Perrin
strongly believes
in serving dishes from farm-to-table, always enjoying
ingredients at their peak freshness like a true
Newfoundlander. To do this all year round,
items have to be preserved.
Using Newfoundland seafood Todd will
demonstrate how early salting and
pickling techniques are best used in modern day.
Twitter:@toddperrin !!!!
Dillon’s is always developing the exciting and
unexpected. Their Canadian pride, love for
fine spirits and access to local fresh
product continually allow Geoff and Peter Dillion
to bring something new to the table.
Join them for a discussion and tasting of
their latest sprits, bitters and other products.
Fundamentals of Fermentation
Ryan O’Donnell,instructor at SCS & sous chef at
The Prune Restaurant,
will focus on the process of fermentation.
Ryan will demonstrate this method of
enriching the flavours of commonly
enjoyed foods as well as expanding upon its
potential for the inquisitive cook.
A Taste of Bitter Our understanding of bitter differs
more widely than any other basic taste – it is not
simply a reaction on our tongue but includes signals
that register bitterness in our brain. Award-winning
cookbook author and chef, Jennifer McLagan
explores the dynamic flavours and topic of her new
book, Bitter. Twitter:@JenniferMcLagan
Unique & Unexplored Ontario
Join the Wine Sisters for a lively and
educational wine tasting,
exploring some of the lesser-known
vineyards across Ontario.
With 15 years of sommelier experience these
sisters know all things wine. Participants will compare
emerging varietals from Lake Erie North Shore,
Niagara and Price Edward County.
Beyond the Two-Four
Enjoy a sampling of creative
craft brews and discover delicious food pairings with
chef Bruce Woods from Beau’s All Natural Brewery
Co. Beau’s is an award-winning, family-run brewery
that uses organic locally sourced ingredients and are
committed to excellence. Twitter:@beausallnatural !!!! !
Klaus W. Reif, President & Winemaker,
Reif Estates
A 13th generation winemaker, originally from
the Rhine Region of Germany,
Klaus W. Reif has a unique historical perspective
of the Ontario wine industry as Reif Estate was
one of the forefathers of VQA wines in Ontario.
Living by the philosophy
“Great wines start at the vineyard”,
Klaus will share some of his experiences
relating them to a tasting of back
vintage wines from Reif Estate’s own wine library.

Along with local retailers & street performers there will be so much to see & do
So there will be so much to see & do To keep ya very much busy

And while in Stratford and want to follow along & join the conversations on twitter here are the hash tags of each of the workshops & general conversation that will be happening


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Celebrated Chefs!
Todd Perrin: @toddperrin!
Derek Dammann: @maisonpublique!
Doug McNish @DougMcNish!
Carl Heinrich: @ChefHeinrich!
Ryan Donovan: @ryanpdonovan!
Rich Francis: @gwichintribal!
Dale MacKay: @chefdalemackay!
Paul Rogalski: @ChefRogalski!
James Walt: @araxirestaurant

Tutored Talks & Tastings!
Rosewood Winery: @Rosewoodwine!
Dillion’s Small Batch: @dillionsdistills!
Jennifer McLagan: @JenniferMcLagan!
Ryan O’Donnell @The_Prune_!
Beaus All Natural Brewery Co.
Reif Estate Winery: @Reifwinery!
Puck’s Plenty; Peter Blush:
Mill Street Brewery: @MillStreetBrew!
The Wine Sisters: @TheWineSisters