The TFOB 2013 a great way to spend weekend

20130807-000821.jpgSo Toronto Festival of Beer fondly know as BeerFest or #BeerMe is always one of my favorite summer events as i get to try to new upcoming beers lots of great food also to have access to the social lounge to relax tweet & meetup with other social media friends who are also there i am always lucky to be invited

There is always so much to do & take in where it be the Grilling Tent where great chefs demo you & share there great dishes with the audience at the end Or the Beer School Experience where you can get your learn about beer

And of course it wouldn’t be a festival with beer & sampling over 1-200 different & 50-60 vendors there is a beer or cider for everyone
Then there is the food oh the glorious food vendors there is all kinds mexican italian to seafood pulled pork bacon wrapped things just amazing what you can find (fidalgastros rocklobster FondaLonda , CraftEatery to name a few

And Live Band Concerts every day so as you can see its a well rounded festival that run from Friday night to all day Sunday

I always go both Saturday & Sunday cause there is so much to see & do you need 2 days haha
Saturday i survey & try beers & food & Sunday friends join

Its only of the best ways to spend a weekend & find what ya like & eat well
Here is to Toronto Festival of Beer 2014

Here is my Gallery from Saturday Beerfestival

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