Toronto Festival of BeerFest Going Green & Digital!

With the upcoming Toronto Festival of Beer the president of TFOB Les Murray’s wanted to minimize the waste produced by the previous festival guide and to engage the audience in a new way.

The TFOB 2013 mobile app allows users to log tasting notes and identify their favourite brands. There is also a voting function that allows attendees to select their top three brewers of TFOB 2013. By voting, consumers also have a chance to win two tickets to Toronto’s Festival of Beer for LIFE. This is the first time a prize so big has been offered to festival attendees in the hopes to push the new festival technology and the green mentality. The winner of the draw will receive two tickets to Toronto’s Festival of Beer every year beginning in 2014 until the festival under its current management ceases to exist.

The app also allows users to integrate with social media platforms and the splash page grants immediate access to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram; in addition to an info section that explains more about the festival, the owners and how to use the app.

For this and more fun and quirky additions, download the TFOB 2013 app here: and purchase tickets for the festival on July 26th-28th at